Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bottega Louie- Chocolate Souffle

Do you know just how yummy this place is?  Let me detail.  Not only are we on day 3 of an eating extravaganza, but we have just had two of the most amazing brunch items we have ever exeprienced that started with a meaty and filling appetizer.  We can barely breathe and yet, when the waiter describes the chocolate souffle and lets us know it will take 20 minutes, we quickly do eating math and figure in 20 minutes we should be able to power through desert.  NOW HOW WRONG IS THAT?!

Well let me tell you, this souffle was worth the belly ache!  The souffle came piping hot, and fuffly high.  You could tell that the majority of the 20 minutes we needed to wait was spent whisking the egg whites to the highest possible peak.  When it arrived tableside, the waiter, dug a well and poured a lovely vanilla creme anglaise.  So let's begin with the chocolate.  Rich, but not sweet.  Decadent and sublime.  Nothing could make this souffle any better with the exception of the creme anglaise.  It was like melted ice cream.  Studded with specks of vanilla bean throughout, it was sweet, creamy, and the perfect foil to the chocolate background.

I had to admit I was quite full when we finished brunch and was actually wavering on desert.  However, when Mayumi told me she had never had one, I could not pass this opportunity and I was so glad we didn't.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal.  Well done Bottega Louie, well done!

Can you see the vanilla bean studded througout?

As if it couldn't have gotten any higher

Look how happy she looks!

P.S. don't worry, we didn't let those lovely deserts in the window go unloved.  We took a few home for later and I must say, as I am not a true macaroon fan, I was shocked and amazed to know I loved these!  The tira misu wasn't bad fact...let's just say I think this is what heaven looks like...or at least the lobby.

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